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Charging Sessions made even simpler

Watt360 is your comprehensive charging management solution, designed for simplicity and customization. With a user-friendly onboarding process, it ensures a seamless start. Manage both private and public charge points effortlessly.

Introducing Watt360 –
Your Complete Charging Solution

Starting with us is a seamless and effortless process.

Full Seamless Onboarding Process

We understand the frustration and that time is crucial to many property owners. Let us onboard you into our system within a few minutes. 

Effortless Digital Setup

Simple quick steps to bring your onboard.

Our onboarding process is designed for simplicity, ensuring that you can get started without any unnecessary complications.

Guided Assistance
Account Ready in Minutes

Manage Private and Public Charging

Our charge points offer a 'Private Use' option, granting access exclusively to residents. You can selectively assign users, and set distinct pricing for both public and private charging, ensuring resident priority.

Charging Reports and Data Analytics

Our EV charging solution goes beyond power. It delivers detailed charging reports and robust data analytics, helping you make informed decisions for efficient, eco-friendly charging. Track usage, manage costs, and elevate your EV charging experience with data-driven precision.

Customized Charging Experiences

Our solution empowers you to customize your charging experience. Set access controls, pricing, and preferences that match your specific needs. Whether it's prioritizing residents or public users, defining pricing structures, or ensuring seamless and personalized charging, our platform puts you in control of your EV charging experience.

You can list your charge points on our mobile application

Discover a world of convenient charging options right at your fingertips. Our mobile app provides easy access to a comprehensive listing of charge points. Find the nearest stations, check availability, and plan your EV charging on the go. With our app, staying connected to your charging network has never been more accessible

Functions and Features

Idling Penalty

Tailor penalties fees to deter lot hogging and encourage users to vacate charging spots promptly.


Set reservation and grace periods for maximum efficiency, catering to your property's needs.

Restricted Users

Add or remove users access to the charge points for seamless administration and control.


Track all charging transactions and history via the partner portal. Stay informed and in control.

Charging Sessions

Monitor user charging sessions to optimize planning for upcoming installations effectively.

Real-Time Status Tracking

The CPO can access the charge point's status to ensure optimal uptime and performance.

Requests for Payouts

CPO can request for payouts that have been collated from users of the property.

Performance Reports

Analyzing individual charge points performance aids in planning efficient future installations.

User Behavior Reports

User behavior analysis helps make the best decision when planning for future charge points types (AC/DC).

Watt360 Solution Pricing


Perfect plan for First-Timer Private Property Owners
Per Charge Point
  • - 10% Transaction Fee
  • - Up to 1 Charge Point
Up to 3 Working Days Lead Time*


For small residential properties and businesses
/ month
Per Charge Point
  • - 10% Transaction Fee
  • - Up to 5 Charge Point
Up to 3 Working Days Lead Time*


For large residentials, hotels and office towers
/ month
Per Charge Point
  • - 10% Transaction Fee
  • - Up to 50 Charge Point
Up to 48 Hours Lead Time*


For large scale charging across multiple locations
/ month
Per Charge Point
  • - -% Transaction Fee
  • - Unlimited Charge Points
Up to 48 Hours Lead Time*

ECCG Grant Subsidies

For Residential Projects only | Deadline: 31st December 2025

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