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Energize your residences with our home solutions

Enhance your property for residents with electric vehicles using Watt’s dependable and user-friendly home EV charging solution. Our Charge Point Management System (CPMS) streamlines charger maintenance, automates billing and payments, and customizes pricing and access to suit your requirements.

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Trusted Leading EV charging platform in Singapore

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Our Current Charging Network in Singapore

Central Zone

  • Sixth Avenue Residence
  • The Trevose
  • Tanglin Park
  • The Chatelet
  • The Legend
  • Goldhill Towers
  • The Hyde
  • Nouvel 18
  • Newton One
  • Espana
  • The Rochelle
  • The Cradels
  • One Tree Hill
  • The Centrio
  • Canberra Residences
  • Skypark@Somerset
  • The Trevista
  • Pinnacle 16
  • Woodhaven
  • De Royal
  • Twin Heights
  • Kentish Green
  • Casa Fortuna
  • Cavengh House
  • The Edge at Cairnhill
  • Cairnhill Crest
  • Sophia Lodge
  • The Aboda at Devonshire
  • Urbana
  • Martin Modern
  • RV Residences
  • CityGate Residences
  • Mackenzie 88
  • Helios Residences
  • Adam Park
  • 10 Evelyn
  • The Quinn
  • Lincoln Residence
  • Tiara Condominium
  • The Claymore

East Zone

  • Bishan Loft
  • Bayou Residence
  • Central Grove
  • The Sunny Spring
  • Questa @ Dunman
  • Arthur 118
  • One Fort
  • Riveredge
  • The Espira
  • The Gale
  • Ferraria Park
  • Riverparc Residence
  • Austville Residence
  • Ever Green Park
  • The Clearwater
  • Woodsville Mansion
  • Cocopalms
  • The Livia
  • Amber Residence
  • Waterfront Isles
  • Euhabitat
  • Tembusu
  • Waterfront
  • Gold Seaview
  • The Vertis
  • Eastvale
  • Bartley Ridge
  • Parc Esta
  • Rivercove Residences
  • Katong Gardens
  • Tanamera Crest
  • Rivervale
  • Regent Residences
  • Lush Acres
  • Parc Mondrian
  • La Mariposa
  • Volari@Balmoral
  • Thomson Impression
  • E Maison

West Zone

  • Glendale Park
  • Foresque Residence
  • The Petals
  • Natura @ Hillview
  • Lake Life
  • Faber Crest
  • INZ Residence
  • The Tessarina
  • Ferell Residence
  • Springdale
  • Northvale
  • Principal Garden
  • Hillington Green
  • La Casa
  • Le Quest
  • Twin View

South Zone

  • Horizon Residences
  • The Village
  • Lumos Murano
  • Residences@Killiney
  • Jervois Jade
  • The Draycott
  • Boulevard Vue
  • Marina Bay Residence
  • The Lincoln Residences
  • Ascentia Sky
  • Riverside 48
  • Beacon heights
  • La Crystal
  • The Cornwall
  • Guillemard Suites
  • The Aston
  • The Cornwall

Kick start your EV journey with Watt's solution

Here's what you can expect from us

Simplicity in Action

Simplify EV charging with our user-friendly system for effortless and intuitive electric vehicle power-ups

Flexible Pricing

Enjoy the power of flexible pricing with the ability to customize rates for end-users, putting you in control.

Resident Priority

Prioritizing Residents for Exclusive Benefits and Services.

Idling Penalty

Our idling penalty policy is designed to actively discourage idle time and efficient resource use.

Smart solutions for smart property managers

Watt's comprehensive solution empowers you with advanced tools for efficient charger management. From remote monitoring that keeps you informed of charging station performance to automated billing and invoicing that simplifies financial tracking, we've designed our system to make managing your chargers as effortless as possible. Our user-friendly dashboard provides a centralized hub, offering real-time insights and access to all the critical information you need.

With Watt, staying on top of your charging stations has never been easier, allowing you to focus on providing reliable and convenient EV charging services.

Simplified management portal, resident app for ease.

Watt's app empowers residents with smartphone charging, while the portal puts you in control of access and pricing.

Our integrated platform ensures efficient EV charging management for all.

Prioritize your resident's charging

Granting residents charging access is now easier than ever. Customize pricing, accessibility, and add members with a simple, quick process.

Add residents to your chargers

Enable your residents to access your chargers adding them via your own dashboard. 

Customise accessibility & pricing

Fast and easy from start till the end

How to get started? Seamless and Easy process.

1. Decide on a parking lot

Our site surveyor considers essential factors like location, reception. weather contingency, and distance from the switch room when recommending parking lots. 

2. Watt install chargers

Our licensed electrical team will handle the charge point installation, ensuring strict compliance with government regulations for maximum safety. 

3. Sell Electricity to your drivers

Users can conveniently charge their vehicles using our charger and user-friendly application.

4. Profit Sharing

Rest assured, collected profits will be distributed as discussed, making the entire process worry-free for you.

During end of Term

Property owners can choose the following options* 


Terms and conditions apply*


CPO can choose to renew the contract. Enjoying uninterrupted charging services, free EV charger upgrades, and an increased 5% profit share!

Transfer of Ownership

Terms and conditions apply*

Transfer of Ownership

CPO also has the option to take full ownership of the charging facility while we continue to serve as their dedicated service provider.

Uncertain about your needs? Consult with our EV specialist for guidance.


The Centrio

Scope of works included


The Gale

Scope of works included


Commander 2

ECCG Grant Subsidies

For Residential Projects only | Deadline: 31st December 2025

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