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Get unparalleled home charging solutions from industry-leading experts dedicated to advancing electric vehicle technology.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 support ensures reliable assistance for EV charging.

Lowest in Market EV Charger Costs

Affordable EV charging solutions with competitive pricing in the market.

Lowest in Market Installation Fees

Market-leading EV charger installation fees, the lowest you'll find.

Two (2) Years Warranty

Warranty covers two years of reliable service for peace of mind.

Most Reliable and Lowest Cost Electric-Vehicle (EV) Charger in the Market.

Watt Charger partners with Wallbox, a global leader in technology and engineering, to provide state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging solutions that prioritize efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

End to End Service

Streamlined, end-to-end electric vehicle charging solutions tailored to your needs for hassle-free charging at home.

Step 1:
Survey and Requirement Confirmation

Initiate a thorough survey to assess your needs and confirm requirements for your EV charging setup

Step 2:
Finalising the Details and the Quotation

Confirming all quotation details to proceed with installation efficiently and ensure customer satisfaction.

Step 3:
Hassle Free Installation

Effortless and seamless installation process, ensuring convenience and satisfaction for customers.

Step 4:
Post-Installation Support and Assistance

Dedicated support and guidance post-installation, ensuring optimal functionality and resolving any issues promptly for customer satisfaction.

Upgrade to Solar Power For up to 80% savings in charging.

Unlock significant cost-saving potentials by transitioning to solar power for your electric vehicle charging requirements. With this environmentally conscious and financially savvy choice, you can reap the benefits of up to an impressive 80% reduction in your charging expenses.

Make the smart move towards sustainable energy and enjoy both environmental stewardship and financial efficiency.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Property owners often seek to attract more visitors and customers. By offering EV charging stations, they can draw in EV drivers who may spend time and money at their establishments while their vehicles charge

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What type of Charger should i install? AC or DC?

    The choice between AC and DC chargers depends on factors like charging speed needs, infrastructure availability, and convenience. AC chargers are slower but cost-effective for home use, while DC chargers offer faster charging for travel but are more expensive to install and operate.

    What are the Installation Costs?
    Is it compatible with any car?
    How long does it take to charge?
    Does different type of charger affects my charging speed?