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Power up your commercial properties with our tailored solutions.

Watt simplifies EV charging for drivers at your retail site. Showcase your commercial property on the our Watt network to draw in new customers to your establishments.

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Increased Foot Traffic and Customer Loyalty

Property owners often seek to attract more visitors and customers. By offering EV charging stations, they can draw in EV drivers who may spend time and money at their establishments while their vehicles charge

Unmatched Flexibility, Zero Administrative Hassle

Watt provides a modular, straightforward, and dependable charging management solution, all while taking care of administrative burdens.

Ease of Installation

Watt delivers EV charging solutions that seamlessly integrate into properties, ensuring smooth installation without disruptions, a key factor property owners desire.

RFID Charging Cards

Our RFID charging cards provide effortless access to EV charging stations. Simply swipe your card to initiate charging, eliminating the need for manual transactions. These cards offer a secure and convenient way to manage your charging sessions, making electric mobility hassle-free.

Go green with Compliance and Regulations

Watt helps property owners stay in compliance with local regulations and leverage incentives for EV charging. By partnering with Watt, property owners can unlock financial benefits, minimize regulatory challenges, and ensure that their charging infrastructure aligns with local mandates and incentives, making it a win-win situation.


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ECCG Grant Subsidies

For Residential Projects only | Deadline: 31st December 2025

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